Welcome to Contoso EDU!

In the ever changing world of technology it can be hard to keep up. Enterprise and even SMB organizations have time and resources, in most cases, to research and implement new technologies to better their business and customers. But in Education that’s not always the case.

Microsoft has some amazing documentation, it’s better than previous years trust me, with step by step guides to help implement a lot of their cloud based services such as Azure AD. The problem we have come across is that these guides tend to be more oriented around Enterprise/SMB which doesn’t mean they are any less useful to EDU IT, it just means that seeing and understanding the value is harder.

Our blog is here to help with that. Based on our experience on the field we want to publish useful content/guides through an EDU lens. So not just how to do it but why you should with a focus on student and faculty experiences.

Will everything we write be super useful? Probably not but that’s part of the blogging fun right? 😉