Microsoft 365 Resources

Are you in IT, or an M365 Champion? Wish you had a one stop shop for all of Microsoft’s many great guides for M365? This curated list helps to bring Microsoft high value guides and resources front and center. Make sure you come back occasionally as this will be continuously updated as new awesome content is found. Enjoy!

Highlighted Resources

Deployment Advisors for Office 365
Office 365 comes with plenty of core and extended services alone. So where do you begin with roll out of OneDrive for Business and others? Our deployment advisors can help with just that. Select the features/options you wish to move forward with and take advantage of our pre-created guides to help.

Deploy Office 365 Pro Plus
Looking for best practices on how to deploy the Office 365 ProPLus Suite to your clients? Check out this step by step for assessing, planning, and deploying Office 365 ProPlus.

Customize your O365 Pro Plus Config XML
Deploying Office 365 ProPlus? Be sure to use the web Office Customization Tool to help you create your “configuration.xml” file. You can even import ones you already created by hand to quick make changes with the help of a GUI! 

What happens to my data when my subscription expires
Ever wonder what happens to data in your Office 365 tenant when your subscription expires? Well wonder no more! This doc will explain the process your data goes through when a subscription is in an expired state. It does state Office 365 for business but is applicable to EDU as well.

Other Great Resources

Last updated: 05/12/2020 | removed the link for Microsoft 365 Update Video Series as it’s been removed | updated O365 groups link