Microsoft Security Resources

This curated list helps to bring Microsoft high value guides and resources front and center revolving around Azure AD (SSO, MFA, and Security). Make sure you come back occasionally as this will be continuously updated as new awesome content is found. Enjoy!

Highlighted Resources

Security and Adoption Road-map (SAR)

Recently move into the M365/O365 world and wonder “How do I protect my services and users?” Well wonder no more! This handy dandy Security Road-map will help guide you through setting up your security baseline in your tenant, taking advantage of the solutions built right in

Microsoft Security and Compliance Flip Book

This digital flip book contains great information including the adoption guide shown above this resource. This will help you get started with the many security services/features available to you in Microsoft 365!

Azure AD Deployment Guides

Azure Active Directory is a pretty awesome beast to be best friends with. Since AAD is the underlying foundation for Microsoft Cloud services why not get a head start on pulling together guides? Easily find pre-made deployment plans you can download, customize, and share with your internal teams.

Four Steps to a Strong Identity Foundation

Follow this guide to get a foundational understanding how how to better secure your applications and identity with Azure AD.

A world without Password in Azure AD

Learn how to start your journey to removing the “need” for passwords in your modern environment.

Other Great Resources

Last updated: 03/23/20 | Moved resources from old LinkedIn portal to new home along with focusing on all up security not just Azure AD.