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How to configure “OnlyMe” lobby settings for Teams meeting policy

What’s the skinny? Microsoft has released an update to the MicrosoftTeams PowerShell module (v1.1.4) that supports a new setting that allows an IT admin to set the meeting lobby options for admitted users to “OnlyMe”. This is a welcome update as we head back to school to keep students safe! Note: You will likely want…
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Attendance report in Teams

Enable Attendance Reports in Microsoft Teams

Introduction In May 2020, Microsoft introduced the ability to download attendance reports for meetings in Microsoft Teams. Today you can only do this once enabled on a meeting policy per user, via PowerShell, so an IT admin must be the one to perform this action. This post will be updated once other methods are realized.…
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Disable Private Chat in Microsoft Teams for Students

Learn how to apply a specific messaging policy to just students using some PowerShell magic!